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Chapter 78 2019 Scholarship Awardees

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship recipients 

       The William “Bill” Fulwider Scholarship is for students of the families of combat-wounded veterans and the Community, merit-based scholarship is offered to all eligible students in Sonoma County.

   There were more than a dozen qualified applicants this year for these scholarships; the most in many years.  There were three high school seniors whose qualifications were exceptional.  These students were chosen by our Scholarship Committee to receive Chapter 78 scholarships for 2019.  The Chapter thanks all the student applicants who submitted applications and we wish them all a bright and successful future.

       Here are the winners:

       The Chapter 78 William “Bill” Fulwider Scholarship was awarded to:

Grace Schafer Perry of Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California 






     Grace will be attending Occidental College in the Fall and was chosen as a “Honor Scholar”, one of the highest accolades bestowed on students entering that prestigious institution. 

      The Chapter 78 Community Merit Scholarships were awarded to two worthy applicants. 

Thea Zalunardo of Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, California





     Thea will be attending The University of California Santa Barbara in the Fall as a Chemistry and Biochemistry major.

René Tolson of Windsor High School in Windsor, California





     René will be attending Point Lomo Nazarene University and entering their Communication-Societal Communication Program.

        Congratulations to Rene, Thea and Grace.  We wish you all the best for a productive and successful academic future.

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