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      Chapter 78 is a part of an active group of veteran service organizations in the Sonoma County Veterans' Community. The Chapter and it's volunteers and other veterans' groups participate in veteran and public events throughout the year, sharing resources and supporting each other by contributing both funds and volunteers.  As veterans, it is important to work together to achieve mutual goals and maintain ties to the community.  You can visit other organizations web pages listed on the right side of this page.



North Bay Veteran Resource Center                                 North Bay Vet Center

Veterans Resoueces of America (VRC)                           6225 State Farm Dr., Suite 101

200 Montgomery Dr.                                                        Rohnert Park, CA  94928

Santa Rosa, CA  95404                                                   707.586.3295


Housing, employment and assistance training                       Counseling for combat veterans with PTRS, MST                                                            and bereavment for family members




Sonoma County Vet Connect                                             National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)

P.O. Box 14474                                                              182 Farmers Lane, Suite 202

Santa Rosa, CA  95404                                                       Santa Rosa, CA  95405

707.755.1417                                                                707.527.6655                        


Full range of veterans services                                           Mental Health





Sonoma County Veterans Service Office (CVSO)            Santa Rosa VA Outpatient Clinic

3725 Westwind Blvd., Suite 101                                           3841 Brickway Blvd.

Santa Rosa, CA  95403                                                        Santa Rosa, CA  95403

707.565.5960                                                                        707.569.2300                                                   


Support for VA claims and services                                  VA Medical and Mental Health services





San Francisco VA Medical Center                                  Tri County Collaborative for Veterans

4150 Clement Street                                                          and Families

San Francisco, CA  94121                                                 707.548.3820

415.221.4810                                                                                                              Facilitator: Katie Weber


VA Medical & Mental Health Services                            Women Veterans and Families






National Personnel Records Center                             Social Security

9700 Page Blvd.                                                               2099 Range Ave. Bldg. A

St. Louis, MO  63132                                                       Santa Rosa, CA  95401                        800.772.1213


Secure Military records, discharge, or DD214

You must complete standard form 180                         Social security benefits and disability





Congressman Mike Thompson                                    Congressman Jared Huffman

5th District, California                                                      2nd District, California

2300 County Center Dr., Suite A 100                              999 Fifth Ave., Suite 290

Santa Rosa, CA  95403                                                  San Rafael, CA  94901

707.542.7182                                                                  415.258.9657                      





                                                VAMAC San Francisco


                                        Womens Veterans health services































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