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Chapter 78's Purple Heart day Picnic

Purple Heart Day Picnic After-action Report

            Chapter 78’s first Purple Heart Day Picnic was an interesting affair.  Although we overestimated the turn out, we still had a successful gathering of family and friends.  A few interested park goers passing by were offered free food and info on who we are and what we do.  I would urge the Chapter to try again next year utilizing what we learned this year.   

            It was nice to see old friends and brothers like PCC (Pass Chapter Commander) Nicolas Gauthier, his wife, and their nearly 2-year-old son.  They came down from the Sierra foothills to see old friends and enjoy the picnic.  Several other close friends and supporters were also on hand to enjoy the day. It was good to see them all.

            The Chapter thanks all who participated, including Chapter members, volunteers, their families, and the veterans and friends who dropped by to support our event.  Thank you Kylie and Joe helping set up and being there with your support all day, and a special thanks must go out to Leigh Schlobohm for all she did for this event and for all that she does for Chapter 78 throughout the year.  She is the absolute bomb.  Thank you, Leigh!   We also send a big thank you to Bob Evans’ daughter, Laura, and her husband, Ron Sei, who were a big help to us old guys.  It was fun seeing all the kids; Amelia, Arden, Isola, Jepson (Buddy), and Vada Lerue; thanks for being there and lending grace and fun to our day!  Of course, kudos to chef John Logan for his work on the grill.

            Although fundraising was not our goal, we still managed to raise $375 in donations from generous guests.  Thank you, Steve Bossard, for your generous gift.   Thanks to everyone who came to show support for combat-wounded veterans of Sonoma County at our Purple Heart Day celebration.

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